Creelkennel Rottweiler's

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 Puppies/Adults Rottweiler's for Sale

For puppies and future litters, please contact: Brenda    

 E-Mail -        Phone - (951) 780-0363  

 If you want to be put on my waiting list, e-mail Brenda at let me know if you want a male or female, your name, address and phone.

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Good New, 

Willow and Falcon puppies were born on March 12, 2019, 4 female and 5 males. They just had their tails dock at age 3 days (3/14/2019). Puppies would go home at 8 weeks around May 7, 2019. She was breed to Falcon, you can see pictures below or more in photo gallery under Willow/Falcon. I do have a waiting list, if you would like to be put on my list, please email me at I will need your full name, address, and phone. My puppy’s sale for $2,500.00. I do require a $300 nonrefundable deposit if you back out, it will hold your place and will go towards the balance of $2,500.00 for the puppy. Their tails will be docked and they will have had one vaccination, worming, and get a vet health exam before they go home at 8 weeks. They will also go home with AKC registration form, copy of Sire/Dam pedigree and all copies of OFA certifications, shot record and a contract. You can come and visit and see my dogs, just let me know. Please call me 951-780-0363 or email if you have any questions. My next litter will be around June.

Sire - GR CH Lucene’s Hi Flyin Falcon V Marlo WS43389102- he is a Grand Champion, OFA Hip/Elbow/Heart/Eye and dental and DNA, he is AKC. He is a Large Male 125lb, and beautiful with an excellent personality, he is 4 years old.

Dam – Willow Vom Tess Creel – WS46741901 She is AKC, and OFA Hip/Elbow/Heart/Eye. She is 4 years old and a large female 100 lb. She has an excellent personality and is a beautiful female.

Willow puppies, 4 female and 5 males  - Born March 12, 2019

willow and pups 3 days old 3/14/2019. 4 females and 5 males

Willow pups 1 week old

Willow pups 2 weeks old

Willow pups 3 weeks old

Females  - collar colors -   Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow

Orange Female 4 weeks 4/9/2019

Pink female 4 weeks old 4/9/2019

Purple female 4 weeks old  4/9/2019

Yellow female 4 weeks old  4/9/2019

Males - 5 - collar colors -  Black, Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Red

Black male 4 weeks old, 4/9/2019

Dark Blue Male, 4 weeks old, 4/9/2019

Green male, 4 weeks old, 4/9/2019

Light Blue male, 4 weeks old, 4/9/2019

Red male, 4 weeks old, 4/9/2019